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I'm a visual artist and writer. I've worked as an art teacher, a carpenter, a graphic designer, an instructor for kids with autism, a Montessori teacher, a declutter guide, and a miniature golf course clerk.

My visual work is a response to the outrageous and delicate beauty of the world, a reflection on personal experiences, and sometimes a venture into the world of dreams. I've exhibited my work nationally and am included in many private collections. I received my fine art training at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and my design training at the University of the Arts.

I write personal essays, poetry, and stories. My writing has been published in The Photo Review, INDYweek, The Oakland Review, and various literary magazines. I received an RCWMS (Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South) grant for personal essay writing and a poetry prize from The Academy of American Poets. My training in writing comes from an array of sources including university writing classes, scads of short courses, more hours in writing groups than you can shake a stick at, writing like a fiend, and reading voraciously.

The intention of both my visual and written work is that some part of what I experience and put onto the page — whether it be joy or sorrow, an acknowledgement of beauty, a sense of connection, or perhaps some tenderness that surprises me — comes across so that it can be of use to others.

You can view my art work at and my design work at

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